miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

To the future! ...and beyond?

I believe it is high time for me to write in English after having promised English news a few days ago. Friends from GYE2007, you all know that I (still) work for the Spanish army, actually for the Air Force of my “beautiful” homeland. Nevertheless, and knowing perfectly that I may be arrested by my superior officers, there are some aspects of the Spanish Army that I entirely detest. But there’s one above all: the Spanish Army commercials.

It’s known worldwide that in the vast majority of countries the army advertising campaigns are extremely expensive and they intend to display an image of friendship and loyalty. Therefore, a person interested in joining the army will see a false image of his/her country’s army, with airplanes, ships or jeeps being flown, steered or driven by young people with big smiles on their faces. However, once you have joined the army, at least in Spain, the best discovery is the people working hard there for their country while earning a low salary every month. It’s discouraging and disappointing, I know, but this is as real as it gets. I am proud of having such noble friends, but everything else could be considered a comedy created in Hollywood.

Why do I talk about this theme? The reason is simple. In Fukuoka, concretely in the subway, I could make a photograph of one of the Japanese army advertisements and I was just wondering if their members do share the same feelings once they are in. Something spiritual tells me it is completely different.

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